Introducing ‘Ola Share Pass’: Pay just One Fare, anywhere!

share-pass-product-team-blog-headerOla Share has emerged as one of the most preferred mobility options on our platform. With a large part of our customers using Share for their daily commute, there is an increasing need to make the experience easier and pricing consistent for users.

Today, we’re introducing the all new Share Pass, to help bring increased predictability and convenience on every ride. Imagine riding anywhere in the city at a flat rate, any time of the day. This first of its kind subscription feature is currently in beta and we are looking to take this to Ola Share users across India, in the coming weeks.

To get your Share Pass


Share Pass is a major step ahead for Shared Mobility in India, allowing millions of Indians a consistent mobility experience in their daily commute.

What’s more? By sharing rides every day, you’ll also be reducing the carbon footprint in Mumbai. That means, the more you share, the more you save – your money and the environment. So what are you waiting for? Don’t let this chance ‘pass’ you by!

Terms and Conditions 

  • Rides of up to 8kms will be only be charged at a flat rate of Rs. 60.
  • Rides with distances greater than 8kms, will be charged at Micro rates.
  • Rides of up to 15kms will be only be charged at a flat rate of Rs. 100.
  • Rides with distances greater than 15kms, will be charged at Micro rates.
  • For detailed T&Cs please visit;

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