Introducing the all new Prime Play

Hyderabad! After rave reviews in Delhi, Mumbai & Bengaluru, we are delighted to launch Ola Play in Hyderabad. Ola Play is revolutionising the way one travels and how!

What is Ola Play?
Ola Play is the world’s most advanced connected car platform. It brings advanced car controls, choice of personalized content, and a fully connected interactive experience to the user.

What can you do on Ola Play?

Our first rider – Geetha Madhuri
Geetha Madhuri, acclaimed playback singer and winner of two Filmfare awards, took the first Ola Prime Play ride in Hyderabad and has also hand-picked a playlist of her favorite songs now available only on Prime Play.

How do I experience Ola Play?

Go to your Ola app and simply book an Ola Prime Play today. You can even get a glimpse of the Ola Play experience here.

Learn more about Ola Play 

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