Make travel plans happen with Ola Outstation!

We’ve all been there; planned trips but backed out the last minute or talked about trips but failed to plan at all. More so because we tend to get lazy at times, maybe procrastinate or sometimes even forget. But no more of those excuses!

Making travel plans this holiday season just got a whole lot easier with Ola Outstation. How? With just a few clicks, a verified driver and a comfortable car will be at your doorstep to take you away on your amazing getaway.

To make things better, the upcoming month is a great time to use Ola Outstation because August is full of long weekends – the perfect time to quench your thirst to wander. 


Date Long Weekend

Raksha Bandhan

Monday (August 07) Saturday – Monday


Monday (August 14)

Saturday – Monday

Independence Day Tuesday (August 15)

Saturday – Tuesday

Ganesh Chaturthi Friday (August 25)

Friday – Sunday

Here are two exciting offers to get you started: 

So, don’t wait! Make your most awaited trips happen with Ola Outstation! #LetsMakeItHappen

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