Now board your Prime Play rides quicker at the Mumbai Domestic Airport, T1.

Travelling from the airport gets us anxious; whether it’s the beginning of a long busy day or the end of one. Well, no more! Now enjoy ‘Zero Wait Time’ on Ola Prime Play rides – a quicker way of boarding your comfortable & entertaining ride at Mumbai Domestic Airport, T1.

With this, you can skip the wait altogether and get going with the first ride available. Whether you feel like tuning into your favourite radio shows, catch up on sitcoms, enjoy movies or more, with free-wifi and in-cab entertainment, Ola Prime Play is the perfect ride for all your entertainment needs.

To experience this, all you have to do is book a Prime Play ride and walk to the Ola pickup point. From there, just take the first Prime Play cab available and get going. No more waiting for a booking confirmation, driver details or for your cab to arrive.

Here’s how you can experience the  ‘Zero Wait Time’ feature at the airport:

See, it’s that simple. So next time you’re at the airport and want a quick ride out, try the ‘Zero Wait Time’ by booking an Ola Prime Play ride and board any cab available near Pillar Z5 at T1.

Terms and conditions:
  • This facility is available only on the Ola Prime Play rides from the Mumbai Domestic Airport, T1
  • Driver contact details will not be communicated. Instead, only OTP details to be shared via SMS and In-App
  • For any further assistance, kindly reach out to the Ola executives at the Ola pickup point.

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