Ola goes Green in Delhi!

Delhi-In-App-08Ola has continuously innovated on how it has delivered affordable, convenient transportation to consumers from all walks of life. Be it bringing cabs to your door-step or introducing various modes of payment. We are now working closely with the authorities towards the vision of a Cleaner & Greener Delhi

As you might have read, we have already started enabling large scale adoption of CNG vehicles for our driver partners . In this journey, we are also replacing our existing mini, Sedan, Prime and TFS categories (only in Delhi – not in NCR) with two simple categories – WITHIN DELHI & DELHI TO NCR.

WITHIN DELHI – This category would be for users who are in Delhi and want to travel within Delhi and would be serviced by our all-CNG fleet of cabs

DELHI TO NCR – This category would be for users who are in Delhi and want to travel to NCR(Gurgaon, Faridabad, Noida etc) and would be serviced by our inter-state cabs:

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While these changes might result in some inconvenience in the short-run, we assure you that we are committed to work with the authorities in ensuring seamless transportation for all Delhites! For those who open the app outside the Delhi region (in Gurgaon, Faridabad, Noida etc) they will see normal categories (mini,sedan,prime).As a bonus, pricing for all cabs irrespective of whether it is a hatchback, sedan or SUV, would remain at our mini prices.

In case you have queries, do visit our blog <blog link> for an exhaustive list of FAQs to help you through this change.

Our aim is to provide affordable transportation while furthering the commitment towards ensuring a cleaner & greener Delhi.

Join us in the ride!

Terms and conditions:

  • This is a valid permit holder’s Diesel Cab that can ply only inter-city.
  • Please confirm to the driver, your destination, which should be outside the NCT of Delhi, before starting the ride.
  • However, if your destination falls within the NCT of Delhi, the driver can deny your ride request.  
  • The Ola App does not permit cabs running on diesel to ply point to point within Delhi, in compliance with the judgement of the Hon’ble Supreme Court judgments & orders of the Hon’ble High Court. 
  • In case your destination falls within the NCT of Delhi & you have booked this cab by mistake; please cancel the booking and book again through the Ola App, using ‘within Delhi’ category.

By accepting these conditions you hereby confirm that your destination for this ride, using a Diesel vehicle with a valid permit, is outside the NCT of Delhi.


1 Do you have to upgrade the Ola App to see this?No, You don’t need to upgrade the app
2 What will be the change on the app
If you open the App outside Delhi-NCT there will be no change in the categories you see on the Ola App, For People opening App inside the Delhi-NCT region wont see Mini, Sedan & Prime categories but will see inter and intra city categories
3 What will be fares for the new categories
Both the new categories inside the Delhi region will be priced at Rs.8/km –  same fares  as the erstwhile mini category.
4 Will there be any change in the booking procedure
No, the booking procedure will be same as before
5 What is Within-Delhi category
For all bookings made in Delhi and drops also within Delhi, this category of cabs will have to be used. This will be serviced through Ola’s fleet of all-CNG cabs.
6 What is a Delhi to NCR category
The cabs in this category can be used for drops outside delhi (Gurgaon, Faridabad, Noida, etc)
7 Can a Within Delhi cab be taken Outside Delhi
No, They cannot be taken outside Delhi. Your cab ride may be cancelled if you book a Within Delhi cab for travel outside Delhi.
8 Can a Delhi To NCR cab be used inside Delhi-NCT
Any Delhi To NCR cab can not be used for drops inside the Delhi region
9 Why are you doing this? (changing categories)?
These changes are in order to work closely with the authorities towards the vision of a Cleaner & Greener Delhi
10 Can I book a sedan / prime for my travel in Delhi?
For booking a cab inside Delhi, users won’t have an option to select Sedan/Prime category
11 Do I have a choice of car when booking through these categories?
No, the car will be auto Alloted
13 I had made a “Ride Later” booking before this change happened. What happens to it?
Any changes on your confirmed booking will be intimated to you over SMS or e-mail.
14 I want to travel from Gurgaon to Noida through Delhi. Does anything change?
No, you will be able to see the original categories( Sedan/Mini/ Prime) and you can book any one of those for your travel
15 Will I have to change cabs at the border?
No you will not have to change cabs at border
16 Can I still use Ola money for my rides?
Yes, you can still use Ola money for these rides
17 Will my free ride coupons work?
Yes, free ride coupons will work on these rides
18 Will Offer Coupons Apply on these rides
Offer coupons applicable on mini rides would be applicable here.

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