Ola Rentals available at multiple packages

Looking for a great ride for your meetings and other office related errands? Take Ola Rentals and choose packages starting from 1 hour – 10 kms to 12 hours – 120 kms as per your needs.

You get your pick of our finest cabs. So whether it’s a Mini, Prime or SUV, rest assured, you get a cab that will wait for you while you get your work done. With no hassles of multiple bookings, you save a ton of time, get work done on the go, and concentrate on what matters the most.

Benefits of Ola Rentals:

  • Cover all destinations in the same cab, save time of multiple bookings
  • Get the package of your choice
  • End your trip at will by entering the mandatory OTP
  • Transparency in fares with complete breakup of tax and additional charges in e-invoices.

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