Ola Sainik

100,000 Sainiks to join the Ola app as entrepreneurs by 2020

India boasts of one of the world’s largest military forces. Small wonder, that we live our lives in absolute calm and peace. We offer our salute to every single soldier there as well as the hundreds of thousands of Ex-servicemen, who have made it possible  for us to enjoy our freedom the way it is meant to be!

Majority of the service personnel, at the time of retirement are at an age where they have numerous unfinished domestic responsibilities, which necessitate their taking up a second occupation.

This Independence Day, we take great pride in announcing ‘Ola Sainik’ in association with the The Directorate General Resettlement (DGR)under the Ministry of Defence to extend an opportunity for Ex-servicemen to become entrepreneurs with Ola. With this first of its kind partnership,Ola will invest in the re-skilling of such interested candidates, helping them embrace technology and empowering them to grow as skilled micro-entrepreneurs on the Ola platform with the aim to bring a significant change in the lives and careers of these Ex-servicemen.

Like tens of thousands of driver-entrepreneurs on its app, Ola will help them with training, technology and a consistent revenue opportunity by giving access to the millions of customers on its platform. As one of India’s fastest growing companies, Ola is committed to this mission of mobility for a billion people by enabling micro-entrepreneurship from within the country.

‘Ola Sainik’ will allow them to work with pride and flexibility as entrepreneurs on the Ola platform. As members of the armed forces in the past, they undoubtedly constitute high quality talent in terms of skill and discipline. A stable income, an opportunity to grow and serve the nation like always, makes this initiative a win-win. We at Ola are honored to have hundreds of thousands of our country’s heroes coming on-board with us in the times ahead.

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