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This is what the winners of international trips had to say about us!

Riding an Ola is more than just getting to places, it is also about going places! We ran numerous contests over the past few months, where a lucky few won international holidays to Paris, Malaysia and Nepal.

You might be the next winner of such an exotic vacation. Keep riding with Ola and watch out for our future offers! Have any thoughts on our contests? Let us know by clicking here.

Here’s what the winners of the recent international trips had to say about us!

Paris Holiday

Tarang Shukla | March 2019

“It was amazing to win this Paris Trip on Women’s Day. I decided to visit the city with the most important woman in my life, My Mother. Thanks a lot Ola, cheers!”

Malaysia Holiday

Ritika Joseph | Jan 2019

“Thank you so much for this awesome opportunity. It’s a dream come true and I am overwhelmed with joy and looking forward to this most awaited holiday. Thanks a lot Ola for this great gift”

Malaysia Holiday

Pratiksha Kadam | Jan 2019

“Glad to hear this news! Thank you Ola for this trip. We’re very excited. Looking forward to create great memories! Cheers.”

Nepal Holiday

Tejas Lawate| April 2019

“Thank you for this surprise. I am so happy to get selected for this free trip from Ola. Expecting a great experience.”

Nepal Holiday

Madhur Bhatt | April 2019

“Still can’t believe that I have won the Nepal holiday package. I feel out of this world and very happy!”

Nepal Holiday

Nikhil Khatri | April 2019

“I’m really thrilled and excited for this trip because I have always dreamed of going to Pashupatinath Temple (Nepal). Thanks to Ola!”

Nepal Holiday

Arvind Singh | April 2019

“It’s a great feeling when you get rewarded for your regular use of OLA services. I have been using OLA from past many years and is my preferred travel mode. Thanks, Ola!”

Nepal Holiday

Kunal Vaidya | April 2019

“I’m very happy that I’m one of the lucky winners for the Nepal holiday contest.”

Your next international trip might be on us!

Riding Ola is more than just getting to places, but also about going places!

Having said that, we ran numerous travel contests over the past few months, where a lucky few won the chance to go on international holidays to destinations such as Paris, Israel, Singapore, Thailand etc.

Here’s what they had to say:

Who knows you might be among the lucky few to win the next round of exotic holidays. So continue taking Ola rides and keep an eye on our future communications.