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Chennai – Ola Share Flat Fare Day. All share rides at flat Rs. 35

At Ola Share, we’re constantly innovating to make your daily travel more pocket-friendly and convenient. Keeping this in mind we have an irresistible offer waiting for you. All your Share rides will be charged flat Rs. 35 for 5 Kms!

So, #DoYourShare and say Ola to ride-sharing! 

Terms and conditions:

– This offer is valid from 9th – 10th June, 2017
– This offer is applicable only to users in Chennai
– A flat rate of Rs. 35 is applicable upto 5 km and after 5 km, Micro fare would be applicable
– Minimum of regular share and Flat fare (Rs. 35 for 5 Km & Micro fares afterwards) prices              would be applicable
– Peak pricing, if any may be charged extra
– Two-seat pricing would be charged as per normal rates

Kolkata – Take a stand against drinking and driving!

We often say “I can still drive, it was just a few drinks”. Driving inebriated, we may have reached home safely on multiple occasions. But life shouldn’t be such a gamble. Even a few drinks are enough to make us spill blood on the road. Let’s not turn our City of Joy – Kolkata, into a City of Sorrow. 

Alcohol inhibits our good judgement in ways we will never know. It’s subtle and takes over before we know it. It drives away our ability to make the right choice, it blurs our perception on the road, and one small miscalculation is all it takes to end it all.

At Ola we don’t just want to highlight the dangers of drinking and driving. We want you to know that you have a choice. A choice to save lives with one simple decision of yours, which will make the roads safer. Take a cab ride home if you have had that extra drink. Ask yourself “Do I really need to risk lives and drive home?”

Ola is proud to announce a partnership with some of the most popular bars in the city to fight against drunk driving. We wish to spread awareness of responsible drinking and availability of affordable rides all day long. Our partners discourage drinking and driving, and suggest booking an Ola after your night out. Do yourself and your family a favour, leave the driving to Ola and #PeekeMatChala.

Here are our proud partners with whom we have joined hands to fight against drunk driving: