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Ola presents 1+1 Tuesdays!

Most of us will surely agree that we love the weekend – it’s full of excitement, relaxation and most of all freedom. Whereas, the weekdays – not so much. However, things are going to change now!

Starting this week, Tuesdays will no longer be the same anymore, as we’re going to bring you some great BOGO offers (Buy One, Get One Offers) every week with 1+1 Tuesdays.

To start with, here are some amazing offers to get you all excited this week!

Take a micro/mini/prime ride between 6AM –  3PM and get the next micro/mini/prime ride free up to Rs. 50 (same day offer)
Take a Shuttle ride between 7AM to 12PM and get a free Shuttle ride(same day offer, voucher will be shared via SMS by 3pm)
Take a Rentals ride for 4 hours or more and get a 1-hour Rentals ride at half the price  (discounted ride valid for next 2 days)*
Take an Ola Outstation ride and get discount voucher for 20% off up to Rs 50 on 10 Mini/Prime ride*
Take 2 Ola Money rides today and get Rs 25 off on next 2 rides(Discount valid for next 2 days)*

We’ve more offers for the coming weeks. So don’t forget to check back every Tuesday.

*Offer code will be shared the next day.