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The Purple Spa and Hair Pamper vouchers up for grabs.

How do you feel about getting pampered and taking care of yourself for a day? Sounds tempting? Well, the timing couldn’t be better. Here’s your chance to win assured vouchers from The Purple Spa & Hair Pamper.

Here’s how you can win it.

So what will it be, a fancy haircut or a stress relieving massage?  To know more about The Purple Spa visit http://www.thepurple.co.in/

Ride now!

Terms and conditions:

  • PURPLESPA is a zero discount code applicable on Auto, Micro Mini, and Prime rides
  • Offer valid in Vadodara and Surat till 15th November 2018
  • Winners will be chosen via randomiser
  • Winners will be contacted via email
  • Ola’s decision with respect to the winners would be final and binding
  • Ola reserves the right to withdraw/modify the offer at its discretion
  • Each winner will be given a voucher worth of Rs. 500
  • Coupon code can’t be clubbed with any other offer.
  • The Purple Spa voucher will be valid till 31st December 2018.