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Ola pledges for RALLY FOR RIVERS!

Our nation’s life-line is in a state of turmoil: the perennial rivers that we’ve grown alongside have either depleted, or become seasonal: all in a span of one generation.

The state of this makes one question if this is the kind of future we want to leave behind for our loved ones – a waterless country!

To help foster change, we at Ola have pledged our allegiance to “Rally For Rivers”, a nationwide awareness campaign led by Isha Foundation, that’s offering a core solution to stabilise and revitalise our rivers.

Alongside this, we are also providing support in the form of Re.1 being donated from all Ola Share rides. Therefore, we urge all of you to join the cause, because har ek ride se #FarakPadtaHai

Here’s how you can support the cause:

So go on. Switch to ride-sharing with Ola Share, as every ride you share, contributes to a cleaner environment.

To know more about the Rally For Rivers initiative, click here.