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Technology Access to build a Swachh Bharat

Millions of Indians are commemorating Gandhi Jayanthi this year by participating in the nationwide Swachhata Hi Seva movement. This is a fitting tribute to Bapu and his vision of a truly independent India, by being an example for cleanliness.

At Ola, we are committed to the Swachhata mission and we continue to take major steps to help improve cleanliness around us and in the communities we work with. Hundreds of thousands of driver partners on our platform across a 110 cities, serve mobility needs of millions of Indians, every single day. For these entrepreneurs, their car is their workplace.

This October 2nd, we are integrating technology to help create access for our 800,000+ driver-partners; helping them find public toilets around them when on the road, through their in-car devices. With this, we positively affect their personal hygiene and quality of life.

Here’s a glimpse of this integration on our partner devices.

Driver partners can click on the Navigate icon when in between bookings to find their nearest Public Toilets.

The screen will then show them public toilets that are in their current vicinity.

Driver partners can choose the nearest or most convenient option and navigate to a toilet around them.

We are also looking to integrate existing technology that driver-partners can use, to share data around civic issues that come to their notice while they are on the roads everyday, as they go about serving millions of customers like you with your mobility needs.

Without doubt, small steps like these will go a long way in building a superior experience for you from our empowered driver-partners. We look forward to your support in building a Swachh Bharat!