Take any Ola @Rs 70 flat for 7 kms

week-46-offers-mailer-blr69Get around the city at just Rs. 70 for 7 kilometers! Enjoy air-conditioned comfort, auto-connect Wi-Fi (for our Primes) and the best drivers.

Just apply the code BLR70 for 2 of your Micro / Mini or Prime (Sedan / SUV) rides. Also enjoy 25 minutes of free ride time! Don’t hesitate for a minute, book your Ola now! Rates post 7km will be Rs. 10/km.

Terms and conditions

  • Offer applicable in Bengaluru for users receiving this communication from Ola
  • Code needs to be applied on both the rides
  • After 7 kms or 25 minutes you will be charged 10 for every km and Rs 1 every minute.
  • Applicable on Ola Micro, Mini and Prime (Sedan / SUV) rides only

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