Thank you for letting us serve you

PrintOver the last five years, we have grown in size and scale as your favorite app for mobility. We have been making transportation easier and convenient than ever before, by bringing to you options ranging from Auto-rickshaws to Ola’s flagship categories like Mini and Prime or even shared transportation like Ola Share and Ola Shuttle.

In this time, we have also brought to you a range of experiments and initiatives by leveraging the unique strengths we have in terms of technology and logistic capabilities. Ola Café and Ola Store were two such experiments that brought you food and groceries from restaurants and stores around you. Your response has been overwhelming and we’d like to believe that you have had a wonderful experience with Ola Café and Ola Store!

As we strengthen our focus on building mobility for a billion people, we are drawing these two experiments to a close and taking learnings from these to serve you better in the time to come.

The Ola Store app and Ola Café category on the Ola app will not be available from this week onwards. We understand that you will miss receiving your favorite food or your daily groceries within minutes from our respective services. But then, all good experiments have to come to an end and we are happy that you were part of this journey!

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