The Out-Standing Ola Driver

3“Paisa sab kuch nahi hota Sir, paisa to har koi kamata hai, izzat aur pyaar kamana hai”, said Sandesh, as he put the Captain America action figure back in its place. After having served the Indian Navy for 21 years, Sandesh, whose wife is a Mechanical Engineer with a leading MNC, decided to join Ola.

What makes him stand out amongst the thousands of other driver partners is his cab which is loaded with superhero toys and stickers with crazy slogans, and his attitude. When you enter Sandesh’s car, you feel like you are transported into a different world altogether. You will forget your worries as he starts talking to you and greets you with a chocolate and a smile.

“Sir, may I start the trip?”, he asked politely pointing at the Ola Cabs App on the device. Upon my approval, he started driving and then i started looking around in his car. Action figures, slogans, memorabilia from around the world.

I asked him about his family and he told me that he lives in Mumbai with his wife and 7 year old daughter. He says that being a Cab Driver in India can and should become a respectful job. “My daughter goes to a good school, I live in a decent house”. He says that Drivers should care for the customers and that can and will turn things around for them.

When asked about Ola, Sandesh gets very excited. “I am an Olaian”, he says. Sandesh keeps reading about pioneers like Ola CEO Bhavish Aggarwal and Ratan Tata.

Well, clearly, his politeness and customer-centric attitude, along with his state-of-the-art cab has certainly helped him earn respect, love, friends and of course, money.

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