Unclog Delhi with Ola

Ola GameteOla came to Delhi in 2012 and has changed the face of local transport in the city since then. The cool folks of Delhi enjoyed their first experience of booking a cab with just a click on a mobile app with Ola. No wonder, tens of thousands of vehicles across mini, sedan, prime and autos alongside sustainable, shared mobility options like Ola Share, Car Pool and Ola Shuttle are helping Delhi get around more efficiently than ever before.

Along with growth and scale on one hand, we have consistently focused on sustainability and have launched several initiatives to support our commitment to a greener Delhi. We were the first in the market to address 100% of demand within Delhi with CNG vehicles. We have partnered with car manufacturers, financial institutions and fuel companies to create an ecosystem for easy adoption of CNG vehicles for the driver community. We’ve also rolled out a flagship program ‘Ola Green Pragati’ that provides huge discounts, exchange facility as well as easy financing to drivers who are willing to switch to CNG. With proactive and conscious efforts, thousands of drivers today are seen using vehicles running on clean fuels to transport passengers in Delhi.

The recent odd-even experiment in Delhi has firmly put the spotlight back on the need for timely, comfortable yet sustainable mobility solutions in the city. While city metro and buses are doing their duty, we complement the public transport infrastructure by serving the folks of Delhi with our wide variety of on-demand transport solutions. Ahead of the start of the odd-even experiment, we brought you sustainable transport solutions like Ola Share, CarPool and Ola Shuttle to enable maximum utilization of transport resources on the road.

With Ola Share, you can choose to share your ride with others and pay just 50% of the regular cab fare. The idea is to promote sharing of vehicles and maximize utilization of seats in a bid to reduce pollution.

We’ve also launched the CarPool service. If you are a car-owner, you can choose to share your private vehicles with others who are travelling in the same destination with this feature on your Ola app.

Our Ola Shuttle services were envisioned to take the hassle out of everyday commute. Powered by Ola’s technology, Ola Shuttle is equipped with facilities like 4G Wi-Fi, on-demand entertainment with PressPlay, real-time GPS tracking, reserved push-back seating and cashless payments through Ola Money. Shuttle is already running on 100 routes across Delhi NCR and ferrying over 10,000 consumers daily. With more than 500 shuttles in the region, you can get an Ola Shuttle every five to ten minutes between 8 am to 9 pm on working days.

We are committed to the mobility needs of Delhi NCR, while also sharing the vision for green Delhi. Decongest the roads in Delhi. Get on your Ola app and choose your ride now.

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