We have our 25th Million Customer!

Let us take a moment, and scream our lungs out: BECAUSE WE JUST COMPLETED 150 MILLION RIDES!!!!

Ah, ok, that felt good.

As the number of riders have been steadily multiplying everyday, we knew we were going to soon hit another sweet spot- find our 25th million customer. The past few weeks, the race to find this customer has been an exhilarating one, and yesterday we finally had our chance encounter with Manish – our 25th million customer! And of course we had a little surprise planned for him.

Manish, a TCS employee from Bangalore and a self-confessed Prime addict, booked a cab to go meet some friends for an early Sunday evening bite. And– he had NO IDEA what he was getting into, literally.
We sent him a BMW- no less! We went a step ahead and embarrassed him a little more, with flowers and hamper filled with some cookies, chocolates and fruits. manish

To Manish, and all other happy Ola riders, you rock our world!

Keep riding!

Team OLA


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