We’re saying goodbye to iOS 7

Don’t worry, you can continue to use Ola on iOS 7! You just won’t be able to update your app. And if you delete it, you won’t be able to download the latest version.

What’s happening?

Apple has officially stopped supporting iOS 7. While we don’t want anyone losing out on the best of Ola, we can’t allow for a bad user experience . We’re always enhancing the app with better features but iOS 7 is unable to support them. This means you’ll end up having a bad experience even with all the enhancements. Now, we don’t want that to happen. Hence, the latest versions of the app will not be iOS 7 compatible. However, we’ll continue to innovate for iOS 8 and above.

Will my Ola app still work?

You can continue using the Ola app version 4.0.8 you have on iOS 7 but you won’t be able to update it further. If you delete the app, your phone will not support the latest version on the app store. So we suggest you hold on to the app you have!

How can I use the latest features?

We’re sorry but the only way to use the latest features Ola has to offer is by upgrading your OS to iOS 8 and above.


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