We’ve come a long way, baby!

One year, 62 cities, 3000 employees, 5 new categories, and it’s all just the start. 

2014 was a very eventful and exciting for us. When we started the year we were in 5 cities, and had 300 employees. Now we’re in 67 cities, have 3000 employees and and our app serves around 200,000 customers every day!

Here’s what else happened in 2014:

  • We had only sedans in Jan 2014 and now we have more categories like Mini, Prime and Pink.
  • We used to add around 10 cars a day and now we add 1000 cars a day.
  • We have more than 60,000 cabs on the platform currently.
  • We went from 15% market share to almost 70% market share.
  • We started a completely new business with Kaali Peeli and Autos
  • We also made huge gains on mobile, with almost 70% of our bookings coming from mobile app, up from 20% last year
  • Our app serves over 200,000 customers everyday
  • Over 70% drivers on its platform are independent driver entrepreneurs

 As Bhavish says, we have a long way to go.  “Being market leaders, it’s our responsibility to be innovating for improving customer experience all the time.”

 So #ChaloNkilo, the journey continues!





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