You have the Power, Mom!

Mother’s Day is not just about thanking them for their care and sacrifices. It’s also a reminder of the spirit of entrepreneurship in them, all life!


Two days ago the world celebrated Mother’s Day, a tribute to the super woman we call Mom. Mother’s Day has become synonymous with the celebration of love, care, sacrifice, and kindness. After all there is no other person in the world who can love you as unconditionally as your mother, right? No matter how many times you bungle up, she’s going to be right behind you.

But Mother’s Day stands for something more than that. It stands for the fiery spirit that can fight all odds and adversity, for a sense of compassion that exists beyond your immediate and touches others who need it and most importantly, for the spirit of creativity and the power to infuse life into new ideas.

This Mother’s Day, we at Ola celebrated this unwavering spirit of entrepreneurship. We asked our users to share inspirational stories of their moms at #mymomsupermom. With over 60 awe-inspiring stories, the response was fantastic. There were stories about women who stepped out of their comfort zone, donned multiple hats, and true to their entrepreneurial-self, started successful ventures and spearheaded new businesses. It was heartwarming to read how proud the sons and daughters of these moms are of their achievement.

A great spirit of creativity and innovation and a never-say-die attitude, that’s what keeps us ticking at Ola. And we recognize there is no greater inspiration for these values than our supermoms. So, take a minute, hug your mom and tell her she’s awesome. You don’t have to wait till the next Mother’s Day to do that.

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