App v2.1.1 – a little more for you

The Olacabs mobile app was updated to version 2.1.1 yesterday with a host of new features. The app is now more responsive, loads faster and has a couple of interesting under the hood changes.

In the Android version, the app zeroes in your location faster and you don’t have to worry about the GPS draining your phone battery when the app is running in the background. And the good news for all you iPhone users out there is the migration to Google Maps from Apple Maps. In the Indian context (and many say globally too), Google maps are a better choice in terms of accuracy as well as location/business listings. With the Google Maps integration in the Olacabs app, you can now zero in quickly and more accurately on your pickup locations!


Another interesting addition is the Use Coupon option. You can now avail of all pickup based offers like A399 in Bangalore for Airport Pickups or AIRPORT399 in Delhi-NCR for Airport Pickups right from the app without having to call us to avail them. After you book your cab, go to Profile > Rides  > Upcoming Rides and select the trip on which you’d like to avail the offer. Tap on Use Coupon below to enter your offer code and voila, you’re good to go!

We are currently working on more awesome features and you can expect us to notify you of another release very soon. How soon- take some hint from a recent feature on the CIO magazine around how agile our app development is!

PS: If you still haven’t got the update, get it  now, here


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