Your cab arrives on time, or we pay for your flight!

When we first toyed with the idea of ‘insuring’ your ride to the airport (ourselves underwriting this mind you!), we were pinned down by just one thought- how are we going to control traffic, weather, breakdowns and anything out of our control to get your cab to your doorstep on time. But it din’t take more than a minute for all of us to put our fists down and say, “Heck, we gotta do this.” Solving for uncertainty is the business we are in! The least we can do is to ensure that your cab is on time for you take that flight on time.

A big risk?

Yes it is. But where does this confidence come from?

Intense Analytics- In the last three months inspite of crazy scale in both demand and  supply, we have brought down delayed pickups in Bangalore, our biggest city, by almost a 100%, down to 0.9%. The average delay time is less than 7 minutes and is mostly the last mile delay of identifying your gate! We see more scope with a lot of product innovation with our driver device.

Increased scale and supply- As the first and largest aggregator in the country, we are not only increasing the number of cars on road but also the appetite of cab users with a ‘like your own car whenever wherever’ feeling.

Crazy customer centricity- And at the end of the day, what matters most is simply You! You have spent on a flight to catch, you have trusted us with that and we jolly well go those many miles to make you smile.

This, for us is a commitment and not a campaign.

PS: Here are some other things that you should know.

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