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We know you’ll leave no stone unturned to provide your loved ones with the best care during these times. To help you or a loved one breathe easy, we’re home delivering oxygen concentrators for free across Delhi and Bangalore through our #O2forIndia initiative together with GiveIndia. In case you or someone you’re helping is in one of these cities, you can get a concentrator on the Ola app. With hundreds of concentrators delivered to patients so far and many more on the way, we’re working towards making this service possible across more cities in the coming days.

When should I request one?
Most COVID-19 patients experience difficulty in breathing. In many cases, an oxygen concentrator is not an absolute must. Breathing therapy can help relieve shortness of breath in cases where SpO2 readings fall between 88% to 94%. Patients with oxygen levels below 85% require critical care from healthcare facilities. Making the right choice based on SpO2 readings will help us provide oxygen concentrators to the ones in need, right when it’s needed. 


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