Get ready Hyderabad, Ola Play is now on your roads!

Say goodbye to quiet, boring rides and hello to Ola Play – an interactive, and immersive experience for commuters. Ola prime play cabs are designed to give users superior visual and auditory experiences. All cabs are equipped with large screen devices, car, and surround sound systems. Let quality content from heavyweights like Apple Music, Sony LIV, AIB, Arre’, and Audio Compass, among many others really take you off the roads and into their worlds.

Speaking at the launch, Ankit Jain, Sr. Director, and Head of Ola Play said, “Ola is defining the future of ride-sharing, with cutting edge innovations from India. We believe this will enhance the future of automobiles and the mobility experience for millions in the time to come for both customers and driver-partners. With Ola Play, we have brought onboard, some of the leading International and National content and technology partners, to build a platform that is highly interactive, contextual and intelligent, to offer a truly connected ride sharing experience to our customers”.

So, give Ola Play a go, and let Ola Play revolutionize your daily travel!

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