Khichdi Experiment – Our foray into food starts with serving Khichdi as never seen before

Khichdi is a bit of an Indian institution — mothers serve it to kids when they want to quickly whip up a meal, it’s often the first thing that young bachelors learn to make when they’re on their own, and it’s the ultimate desi comfort food. For generations, khichdi has been filling stomachs, nourishing the body, and soothing souls.

But as awesome as Khichdi is, we at Ola are giving it a new spin. Yes, we’re disrupting khichdi. Over the past few months, we have put on our thinking caps and our cooking aprons, dug deep into the Indian palate, and cooked up a truly Indian dish in a never-seen-before avatar.

Born out of a mission to create a bouquet of food brands that our millions of users would enjoy and come to love, we have launched Khichdi Experiment – a brand created, cooked and served by our food vertical Ola Foods.

Khichdi, for the uninitiated, is a simple porridge made from rice, pulses and limited spices. But that changes now.  Khichdi Experiment will offer a carefully curated assortment of Khichdis in as many as 16 unique flavours. Whether it’s a healthy Palak Paneer or a Mumbaiyaa Pav Bhaji flavour, our Khichdis will surprise and delight the Indian palate that’s accustomed to the familiar but bland taste of the dish. 

Our Foods team has spent months in creating and honing an ecosystem comprising of the best chefs, the highest quality vendors, and state-of-art kitchens to dish out a product made from top quality ingredients and only with the highest standards of cooking, hygiene and nutrition levels.  It also includes the delivery personnel, and a technology platform that would make the entire process from order to delivery a seamless experience for the customer. And of course, as is the Ola way, all the Khichdis have personally been “taste-tested” by our teams multiple times to choose the best chefs, and flavours that work.

The end result is a ready-to-eat bowl of Khichdi — served alongside a helping of yoghurt, papad and pickle — that’s delicious, healthy and comforting. For those who like their meals fuss-free and quick,  Khichdi Experiment would provide the convenience of eating an Indian meal at their desks. It would also save the day when you’re overwhelmed with food choices, and would like to go with something familiar. And for those missing home, the Khichdi Experiment would bring back some childhood memories, delivered in a bowl.

Khichdi Experiment is now available for delivery in 5 cities Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune & Chennai. We will soon spread to 80+ cities over the next one year. We will also open Khichdi bars at convenient locations and office campuses in the city for people who’d like to pop in for a quick meal.

Come and take a trip down the culinary memory lane with the Khichdi Experiment.

We are now serving you on your Ola app.

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