How often have you spent endless minutes on the phone, waiting for someone to help you with a cab booking? Haven’t you always wished that your cab booking was as simple as wish, touch go! Enter the Olacabs mobile app with a whole host of features to make your life on the road effortless.

The Olacabs app does much more than just getting you a cab. The intent is to simplify your booking experience and make it a one touch process, everytime you book a cab and this is made possible by those tiny features that you might have probably not discovered for yourself.

The #KnowThyApp series is a set of flashard tutorials that help you uncover every one of these features that could make your life simpler. You could pinpoint your exact location, choose your car type, locate the nearest taxi, mark your favorite pickups or even get yourself an invoice!

For instance, you really don’t have to search for your current location everytime you stray away. Simply hit the ‘locate me’ button and the location point automatically comes back to your current location on the map! Small thing, but saves you the pain of hunting for your exact location on a 4 inch screen!

In the first part of this series, we bring you nine different features that will enhance your cab booking experience. The second part will acquaint you with your account related details like sending an invoice, applying an offer code etc. Watch out for this.

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