2x Delhi

When we started Delhi as our 3rd city in November 2012, we were positive this would be one market where we would want to permanently redesign the way ground transportation happens. The Delhi metro, has remained a mass solution. Autos continue to be a meter-less option, effectively meaning you pay by mood. Buses are surely not safe anymore. Gurgaon needs no introduction on the pathetic ground transport options available.



With frequent no-shows and terrible experiences if their cab did arrive, we took a bold decision to go live for Delhiites with few cars on the road. The response was overwhelming, not just from customers but also operators and drivers. All this trust stems from the Ola standard of training, ownership, stress on cab quality through frequent audits and technology integration that enables the driver / operator to function more as  a stakeholder in a larger scheme of things than your regular cabbie!

While the service quality, on-time performance and the overall booking experience is second to none with an Ola, our awesome offers for Delhi, be it Gurgaon10 or Airport399 (and many more to come) have been runaway hits.

By end of June, we doubled the number of cabs on road in the Delhi NCR region- a strong sign of the number of drivers/operators across size and scale who are keen on working with us and also the number of customers who love to say Ola to us, everyday! Read more about our fleet addition here.

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