Lowest fares in Bengaluru!

You heard that right! Starting today, your Ola ride in Bangalore will see lower fares for both sedans and compacts. While this is definitely the first of its kind movement in fares, what we are also excited about is the range of choices you will have to move around in the city as well as to and from the  airport- not to forget the awesome offers that you can choose to make the best of.


While sedans will be priced at Rs 16 per km in the city (as against Rs 21 now), compacts will be available at Rs 13 per km. The overall fare shall see a little restructuring. The minimum fare for an Ola sedan will now be Rs 200 for your first 8 kms while an Ola compact will be available to you at Rs 150 for your first 8 kms. Going to the airport is now even more awesome. You can take a sedan at Rs 600 for the first 30 kms and Rs 15 per km thereafter or a compact at Rs 540 for the first 30 kms and Rs 12 per km thereafter.

The first 15 mins of waiting time which can include in-trip waiting time will be free after which the standard Rs 2 per min is applicable. So boarding your cab on-time can now be rewarding! Take a look at the fares page.

With two categories of cabs available, you now have more freedom to choose depending on price point, car size and usage without compromising on the overall Ola experience that we stand for. Like we always say, more power to you!

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