A few weeks back, we sent out a small piece of communication urging all our users to follow us on twitter and like us on Facebook to make the best of our contests, offers and get rewarded! What social has done to us is tremendous. We have hired through social, made some super awesome product releases from suggests that we got here, internalized generous feedback and appreciation and most importantly, continue to get a perspective about anything Ola!

All of us love Fridays right and what better way than social about make that memorable for you? Starting today, the second Friday of May, we shall give out 3 free rides every Friday. What do you have to do for this? Tweet to us your CRN for this Friday’s booking with the #olafriday hashtag and you could be amongst the lucky three to get your ride free today with an Ola Money cashback.

With #olafriday, we start off what we foresee as the most exciting and rewarding thing social can ever be in our industry. Now go tweet!

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