Ola! Cash is the past, digital is in!

At Ola, we’re always looking at ways to improve your experience. You asked for it, we’ve got it. Now, whenever you pick the digital option to pay for rides, you’ve got two easy options to complete the payment.

  1. You pay during the trip; it’s simple – you know how this works
  2. You pay after the trip–but without cash–yes! You can pay digitally from the comfort of your couch before your next trip

This means you don’t need to complete your payment by paying the driver any cash. You’ll do it when it’s convenient to you–digitally. 

Pick the digital payment option confidently! You don’t need to worry about low network areas, transaction failures, or just not remembering to pay during the ride. 

Please note:

  • This change applies only to your daily intra-city rides and if you have chosen any payment mode other than cash
  • Do not pay any cash to your driver if your selected payment instrument is not cash

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