Ola Money late fee structure revised!

We hope you are enjoying Ola Money Postpaid services!

We have revised the late fee structure and the same will be applicable from your current cycle. In the new structure, a fixed late fee will be charged immediately if you miss your due date. Post this, the same amount will be charged again every 30 days*, until all dues are settled.

* Fixed late fees will be charged on the 1st, 31st, 61st and 80th-day post due date. No additional late fee will be charged post 80th-day.

For example – if your due date is 31st Mar 2019, Late fee will be charged on 1st Apr 2019, then 1st May 2019, then 31st May 2019 and then 20th June 2019.

Please note: Fixed late fees are charged based on your spend amounts.

Your due date occurs 7 days post the date when your bill gets generated. Please clear your dues before the due date to avoid paying late fees.

We hope you continue to have a seamless experience with Ola Money Postpaid.

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