Ola Outstation rides, now protected by 5 layers of safety

Whether you’re on a business trip or going to visit family – feel as safe as you do at home, even while travelling to another city. Ola Outstation now offers the maximum cleanliness and hygiene, and lets you keep a safe distance from the crowds. With 5 layers of safety and the highest standards of hygiene, every ride is sure to keep you well-protected when you travel. 

Ola Outstation is now live in many states across India and is available for both interstate and intrastate travel. Refer to our table below to check if your state allows for interstate and intrastate travel:

States allowing interstate and intrastate travel
Interstate and intrastate travel Only intrastate travel
Bihar Himachal Pradesh
Jharkhand Kerala
Rajasthan Karnataka
West Bengal
Andhra Pradesh
Uttar Pradesh
Madhya Pradesh

Some district administrations require a travel pass for intrastate and interstate travel. Please ensure you have a valid travel pass for your Ola Outstation travel. 

For more information on which cities require a travel pass, refer to the table below.

Cities that need travel pass
State Getting a travel pass
Maharashtra Apply here
Andhra Pradesh Register here
Kerala Register here
Karnataka Register here
Odisha Register here
Tamil Nadu Register here
Himachal Pradesh
Obtain permission from Himachal Govt (DM)
Register on COVA app to get self-generated e-pass
Apply on Dehradun Smart City portal. Register here
Download 'CG Covid-19 ePass' app from the Playstore

Here’s why you should choose Ola Outstation for your next intercity ride:

  • Economical one-way fares: If you’re just travelling one-way, you have the flexibility to pay only for that
  • Track your ride: You can easily track your ride on the app, with no unnecessary calls to the driver or travel agent
  • Trained driver-partners: Verified and high-rated driver-partners with outstation driving experience to give you a smooth travel experience.
  • Vehicle options: Choose from our range of hatchbacks, sedans, SUVs and even luxury cabs for your intercity travel
  • Safer and secure rides: Every Ola Outstation has 5 layers of safety, an SOS emergency button and 24*7 roadside assistance features for a safer experience
  • Advance Booking: With Ola Outstation, you can book and get a ride in just 15 minutes before your trip or book up to 7 days in advance

To ensure your safety, we urge you to follow the guidelines and best practices issued by the Government before booking a ride with us. Stay safe when you step out.

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