Safety Comes First At Ola Foods

At Ola Foods, we want to assure you that we are committed towards bringing you food that not only tastes great but is also completely safe. Even though food hasn’t been identified as a source of COVID-19, we have implemented stringent cleanliness and hygiene protocols at all our 40 kitchens across the country. 

Introducing 8Edge Safety, a comprehensive set of kitchen safety measures at Ola Foods.

1. Kitchen sanitisation
In the kitchen, we conduct thorough sanitisation of cookware, tabletops, and floor at regular intervals every day.

2. Personal hygiene
Our kitchen staff is required to:
– Undergo daily temperature checks
– Use masks, gloves, and aprons
– Produce a health certificate
– Wash hands every 30 minutes

3. Raw material storage protocols
Food is stored at a height off the floor, including temperature-controlled storage of frozen, chilled, and ambient products.

4. Food & Grocery Handling
All grocery packs are quarantined and sanitized before opening, while other vegetables and perishables are pressure washed.

5. Safe Cooking Practices
Food is always cooked thoroughly at temperatures above 95°C. It is also packed and sealed while hot.

6. Secure & Robust Packaging
We safely pack your food in tamper-proof containers, with each package carrying a tamper-safe seal as well.

7. Safe Transportation
Before we transport food, we sanitize the container trucks and vehicles, including the food holding crates to ensure zero contamination.

8. Contactless Delivery
We follow contactless delivery as much as possible while observing social distancing while delivering items that must be handed over.

We’re leaving no stone unturned in making sure that when our food comes to your table, it is absolutely safe for consumption. Worry not, you’re in safe hands with us. For more safety, visit our website:

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