Peak Pricing: The what, why, and how of it

You may have noticed in the last few months, we have grown visibly bigger. We’ve introduced new categories like Prime and mini, brought in autos and local Kaali Peeli taxis onto the platform, and boosted our fleet size to over one lakh cabs, across 80+ cities.  All this so you are never without a ride.

And yet, there are times when demand is ahead of us. Every day, thousands of customers onboard the Ola platform and choose a new travel lifestyle. It is our intention to link the maximum number of customers with the ride of their choice- even at the busiest hours.  In order to create more availability in times of increased demand, we’ve introduced a peak hour pricing.


Peak pricing is triggered when there is too much demand and not enough cabs to service the additional demand. This is usually during peak travel hours; during office hours like 9 am or 6 pm, special events such as a strike or periods of extreme weather.  It is NOT at fixed times, but varies depending on the demand at the hour , the category you select and your location. For e.g.: 4 am may not seem like a peak time for traffic, but a large number of travellers who have an early morning flight to catch rely on us to ferry them to the airport, and hence you might find peak pricing.


You can now get a ride during peak demand hours by agreeing to pay a surcharge that will be a multiplier of the regular fare. This helps us make more cabs available for everyone. You will always be informed of the peak pricing applicable on the ride before you book.


If you choose “I Agree”, you are accepting to pay the peak hour pricing on your ride.

However , you always have a choice. If the peak pricing of the hour is high,  then you click on “Try Later” , go back to the home screen, select a different category ( and we have a wide range of rides from Autos to Prime) and you may find a ride with no or lower peak price.
Transparency is something we swear by, and we will do all that it takes to get you going whenever, wherever.

Team Ola!

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