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Some days ago, Ranjani Shanker booked an auto to go to Kanakpura Road from somewhere within the city limits of Bangalore. Her driver, Ghasamfar Ali. K informed her that the distance of 38kms was going to be a bumpy ride as the highway did not allow autos, which also meant that they’d have to consider an alternate route. Ranjani had little choice; she probably got inside the auto with a lot of apprehension and fear. He informed her that the road would be dark but she decided to trust him.

Ranjani’s friend had agreed to meet her halfway somewhere on that dimly lit road. Having reached the pre-decided place before her friend arrived, she was clearly scared of her safety at being left alone in a secluded area so late in the night. Ghasamfar, like a true gentleman waited with her till her friend arrived there and even helped her cross the road to the safety of her friend’s car.better driver image

Overwhelmed with his kind act, Ranjani wrote about her experience with Ghasamfar on social media and told us how proud we ought to feel to have such drivers driving with us.

Read her post here:

The Internet was quick to pick up on this happy-ending story:

We are, indeed proud to have Ghasamfar Ali. K driving with us. In the often misunderstood world of cab/auto drivers, his chivalry truly stands out and makes him a real hero. It is because of drivers like him that we can proudly say #ChaloNiklo at any time!

GACommissioner of Police, Bangalore felicitating Ghasamfar Ali for keeping the roads in Bangalore safe for women.

In fact, if you have such a story about an Ola driver, do let us know! We love to let our real ambassadors know how much we appreciate them.

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