Raising the Bar

So Bangaloreans, we are at the #barcampblr tomorrow. Barcamp is an open event focused around people, ideas and collaboration. Well, that pretty much matches with our philosophy too! To us, this is one more way to meet more people who are passionate about what we stand for- making your ground transport experience hassle free. This includes traffic, weather, roads, potholes, cops, fares, petrol prices, inflation and all things down on earth!

 We’d look forward to discussing issues/ problems that we look to solve as a business and solicit your participation in solving for larger issues that all of us care about. We would also love to share more around what’s happening back at #olalabs and how we are doing our bit to give shape to the larger dream! Don’t forget to join the session (we don’t know when). 

 And lastly, we’d like to have a lot of fun too, as we always do! 10 cars are available for you to ride back home afresh from SAP Labs after the event. We’re looking to pool in upto 40 folks on a first come first serve basis and you can chum up on the way! To get your ride free, just register at our booth as you walk in at 8am. Some basic info and you could get your ride back free. We have also kept an Ola Luxury for one lucky you, more about that during the event!

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