Safe, Secure, Always!

The Ola platform brings together tens of thousands of drivers and millions of customers to make on-demand services efficient, effortless and economical for all. What we have built is a full-fledged technology platform that is mobile focused to be able to solve a real problem out there, at scale. Needless to say, our priority and focus have always been on our customers and driver-partners on the platform. This includes the ability to connect them in real-time to each other and the responsibility that comes with the massive amount of data that is crunched, day in and day out.

We have in the past few weeks come across a few posts that question the security of information on the Ola platform.  Specifically these issues were centered around lack of HTTPS/TLS, Wallet recharge related security issues and cryptographic keys.

We would like to take a moment to assure you that all vulnerabilities pointed out were fixed in totality in the subsequent releases. As a fast growing technology company, we have been working steadily on building a great product for customers and drivers and at the same time, improving this consistently with every release. We have security experts in house and continue to work with the best of security experts in the industry to make Ola safe and secure for our customers.

We would like to assure all users using the latest version of our app of the following:
  1. Sensitive personally identifiable information related to your profile like Login, Ride details, Contacts and Ola Money are transmitted over the Secure Network (SSL/TLS). This would mean that no one can snoop or tamper the requests over the wire.
  2. Sensitive information related to Ola Money are encrypted and stored securely.
  3. We use cryptographically strong salted hash functions to store passwords.
  4. In summary we have taken detailed measures to ensure that your transactions with Ola are protected
We respect the community that proactively brings to our attention, potential risks in spite of there being no organised reward program. At the same time, we seek adherence to responsible disclosure practices that are practiced globally, which includes checking on the same with the company before making public statements.
And before we sign off, a gentle reminder to always update your app to the latest available versions to help us improve your experience every single time!
– Security team @ Ola

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