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Cab Pass Flash Sale is now Live!

The moment is finally here – The Flash Sale is live and underway! This is your chance to grab Ola Cab Pass at a special price. Ola Cab Pass will solve all your daily travel problems. Enjoy no peak pricing, travel at flat fares or lower every day and reduce your travel expenses.

Pick your pass depending on the distance you travel and the rides you need, and travel comfortably. That’s not all, get Cab Pass during the Flash Sale at a special price!

Ola Pass Benefits:

How it works:  

Let’s say you buy a pass for 10 km and 10 rides. You’ll pay a discounted flat fare up to 10 km on every ride.

What’s more? This fare will never increase with demand and you pay the actual fare whenever it is lower.

Flash sale ends at 11.59 PM today.

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