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Wondering how to make a claim on Customer Trip Insurance? Here’s how!

A few months ago, we proudly introduced Customer Trip Insurance – a first-of-its-kind feature in India that insures your cab rides for as little as 1.

But did you also know that in case you ever needed to make a claim, you could do so in a few simple clicks without any hassle, right from the Ola app? Yes, that right! Completely paperless and just in a few simple clicks. So ab #ChaloBefikar

Here is how you can make a claim:

In case you needed to make a claim for an Ola ride that you’ve recently taken, click below.

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For a complete list of benefits covered under Customer Trip Insurance, click here.

Now insure your Ola rides for missed flights!

Did you know that your Ola rides can cover you for missed flights? Yes, now get your money reimbursed in case you happen to miss your flight while travelling with us.

Customer Trip Insurance covers your ride against uncontrollable delays caused due to unforeseen circumstances like traffic, rains, roadblocks, breakdown, etc.  You can get your rides insured starting at just Re. 1. Ab #Chalobefikar.

Here is how you can choose to opt-in.

To know more, click here.

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Introducing Customer Trip insurance on your Ola rides.

We are proud to introduce Customer Trip Insurance, a first-of-its-kind feature in the industry in India. Yes, now you can insure all your Ola rides. This feature was born out of our care for you and our dedication to serve you better.

The insurance will cover the following benefits;

  • Missed flights due to driver cancellations/ uncontrollable delays
  • Medical expenses
  • Baggage loss (for Outstation trips)
  • Financial emergencies (for Outstation trips)

You can opt for an in-trip insurance cover at a premium of Re. 1 for daily rides, Rs. 10 for Ola Rentals, and Rs. 15 for Ola outstation.

Here’s how you can opt-in

In case you opted out the first time, here is how you can choose to opt-in.

You will be covered for the following, once you opt-in.

The claims process is hassle-free too. You can make a claim directly from your Ola app by following the below steps;

  • Choose the ride from ‘Your Rides’ for which you wish to raise a claim
  • Tap ‘Support’ from the bottom bar
  • Tap ‘Claim Insurance for this ride’ from the list of the issues
  • On next screen, tap on ‘Claim Insurance’ to create a claim

Next time you book your rides, opt-in for Customer Trip Insurance and enjoy a stress-free ride.