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How are you different from Meru Cabs? And why should I not book from the agent down the street?

We at Olacabs have had vivid discussions with our customers and other interested folks since our launch and have learnt a lot about how our product is perceived by people. Two questions which we were faced with often are “How are you different from Meru Cabs/Easy Cabs?” and “How are you different from any other existing car rental agent?”

Well, these are very valid questions and we’ll answer both in this blog post.

Announcing Olacabs.com!

Well, we have had the website up for a couple of weeks now but are now letting the word out to the world, Olacabs.com is live!! Come try us out!

Our Goal
At Olacabs, we’ve identified our Big Hairy Audacious Goal as easing the pain involved in Car Rentals in India. Right from enabling consumers to see which operators have been rated high by other travelers and enabling information about the car you want to book (like quality, cleanliness, accessories like Video screens, Newspapers etc) to easily be accessible, to bringing price transparency to the ecosystem and enabling online bookings for car rentals, we want to help the whole ecosystem get better benefits using technology.

Why try us out
We are bringing a fresh approach to car rentals. You can see rates of different operators and book them on our site. Or even call us up and book. We’ll make sure your experience is memorable!