Tell us your #ShareTales


Being the most eco-friendly and pocket-friendly ride, Ola Share users get their own share of friendliness with their co-passengers, once every while. 

Presenting #ShareTales, our string of stories that happened in Share rides.

“Share-ing to a radio station to collect my prize, I won another en route. My co-passenger was my favourite RJ!”

– Rashi, New Delhi

“My phone’s battery died while I was Share-ing a ride back home. I was entertained as I heard the funniest break-up of my life. The girl next to me broke up with her boyfriend over the phone because he refused to eat Pizza with her. The driver gave her tissues. I didn’t know how to react.”

Priya, Mumbai

“I met an old friend from school in my Share ride. I didn’t know he’s also moved to Bangalore. We had dinner together and are in regular touch now. The driver obliged us by clicking a picture 🙂

Debashish, Bangalore

“I got a sweet surprise on my Share ride. My co-rider bakes at home and was on her way to deliver cakes to her first order. She had an extra cupcake which she gave me for my son :)”

Manali, Mumbai

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