The right way to #OlaShare

Make your Ola Share ride a great experience for yourself and your co-passengers. Just follow these simple tips:

Share Tips_Time

Be on time for your pickup. Also, please avoid cancelling your ride as it causes delay for your co-riders.

Share Tips_Direction

Do not try to change the drop-off sequence. Ola works out the most time efficient route, which is convenient to all.

Share Tips_Food

If you’re munching on something, ensure that you don’t spill or drop anything.

Share Tips_Chit Chat

If you’re on a call, please speak softly over the phone. Also, please be polite to your co-passengers and respect their privacy.

Share Tips_Patience

Ola Share rides may take a little longer than getting your own Ola, but it’s great for your wallet, you’d agree. Please be patient while the driver is picking up or dropping your co-passengers.

Share Tips_Help

For any questions/concerns about your Ola Share ride while you’re aboard, hit the support button on the Ola app, rather than speaking to the driver about it.

Ola Share is changing the way you travel, while constantly reducing the carbon footprint and making you spend less for a comfortable Ola ride. So, Share, if you care. 

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