Time to tap on ‘Pick me up’

Our world in Ola revolves around constant tech innovations and the latest product that we have brought to the table is the Ola Android App

We know how irritating it gets nowadays while we try to hail a cab; standing in the middle of the road and these drivers just blatantly refuse to take you to your destination just because it is not where they are headed towards. And now, with the monsoon just around the corner, it seems like another third world problem. The call center queues have started becoming enormous and to skip all of these, we thought of this app through which you can book a cab while sitting in your living room.

Once the app is installed on your Android, you can book your Ola cab within seconds with just a click of a button


After the sign up process is completed, the app automatically logs you on to show your current location on the map along with the nearest Ola cab available and its ETA and all you need to do is tap on ‘Pick me up’.


Your cab details gets displayed on the app screen and you can actually see your cab coming towards you! Along with the option of calling the driver from the app, you can also cancel the booking incase you change your mind.


Once the trip is over, the total billed amount is displayed along with a star rating through which you can rate your experience on a scale of 1 to 5.



This for now is something we are really excited about and would love for you to try out and let us know your thoughts on it. 

Also, Apple lovers hold your breath as we will be launching the iPhone app soon ๐Ÿ™‚


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