Train Insurance – FAQ

Q. What benefits are covered under Train Insurance?

Train insurance provides coverage against trip delay, missed connection, loss of laptop/baggage/hand baggage etc.

Q. How do I claim for Train Insurance?

● Email at​ to intimate the claim. 

● You should mention your CRN number of the trip (along with the benefit for which the claim is made)

● We recommend raising a claim within 24 hours after the train reaches the destination. 

Q. What is the duration of the cover?

The coverage starts when your Ola ride to the railway station starts and ends when the train reaches the destination or in 48 hours whichever is earlier.

Q. Who can make a claim for Train Insurance

The registered Ola user who booked the ride to the railway station with Train Insurance can make a claim for Train insurance

Q. How do I opt-in for Train Insurance?

When you book a ride to the railway station you will be shown a blocker as soon as you click on the booking button, you can opt-in from that blocker.

Q. How will I pay the premium?

Once opted in, the premium will be added to your Ola bill.

Q.  Can I cancel my Train Insurance once the trip starts?

No, you won’t be able to cancel the policy after the trip starts since the duration of the policy is very short.

Q. Where can I get the certificate of Insurance?

Certificate of insurance will be sent to your Ola registered email id. It can also be downloaded from the ride history page.Please refer to Terms & Conditions for more details

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