Your Ola Auto fares – Explained!

Have to go somewhere in your city but don’t want to haggle with the auto drivers? Don’t! Just get on your trusty Ola app and book a convenient Ola Auto right from your phone and get a doorstep pickup within minutes from anywhere in your city.

Click on the link below to have a look at the Ola Auto fares in different cities and see how convenience and affordability come together at your doorstep with Ola Auto.

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Here’s also a look at our billing process at the end of your Ola Auto ride:

  1. Ola money is not deducted automatically and is deducted manually by the driver with the help of an OTP, which is communicated by the customer to driver.
  2. Bill amount is strictly as per meter fare + Rs. 10 convenience charge. (Except  Ahmedabad)
  3. After ride completion, customer can choose to pay either with Ola Money or cash.
  4. No invoice will be provided in any case, whether Ola Money or cash.

If customer chooses to pay in cash, driver selects the cash option on his device, collects cash from the customer and ends the ride.

On the other hand, if customer chooses to pay via Ola Money, then following steps are followed:

Step 1 After the driver ends the trip, driver selects the Ola Money option in his device.

Step 2 Then he enters the bill amount as per the meter and convenience charge (night charges extra)

Step 3 Customer immediately receives a SMS or an automated call mentioning the bill amount and OTP.

Step 4 Customer communicates the OTP to the driver. Driver enters the OTP and the amount gets deducted from Customer’s Ola Money wallet and receives a message and transferred to driver’s Ola Money account.

Step 5 If customer has insufficient balance in his Ola Money account then the balance is deducted and collected by the driver in cash.

Note: If OTP fails to generate on time or gets delayed then driver can regenerate the OTP again, this can be done any number of times. Because of network or any technical error if OTP is not generated then final bill amount should be paid in cash to the driver

If you are wondering what an OTP is, it is the One Time Password that you receive as an SMS on your phone when you want to complete your Ola Money payment for your Auto ride. The OTP makes sure that your transaction is verified.

We hope that the information here helps you in understanding  the payment process for Ola Autos.  For any further queries, you can Tweet at us @olacabs or follow us on Facebook. Just get on the Ola app:, select ‘AUTO’ and hit ‘RIDE NOW’. #ChaloNiklo

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