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Like we promised, we are going to take one new feature of the new version of our app at a time and run you through it so that you make the best of it. The first and most notable feature here is the Pick me up option replaced with the Ride now and Ride later options. This addition brings many additional possibilities to you against the only option you had with the older version.

Your all new Ola App v2.0

Book a ride from your current usage location for the next available cab (the default option). Let’s say you are in Bandra and your nearest cab is 5kms, 30 mins away- you get just that. This is still the default option. Your location is where the pin on the map points by default and you can see cabs around you. So all that you need to do is tap on Ride Now and you can see the nearest cab coming towards you on the map in real-time. You see, good things like these don’t change!

Book a ride from a different location for the next available cab. So you’re are still in Bandra and you want your cab to pick you up from home at Khar (~2.5kms away) within the next 60 mins to catch that movie with family. Drag the pin home on the map or simply search from the search bar above, see how far your nearest cab from Khar is and tap on Ride Now. This also means, you can book a cab for your loved one, irrespective of where you are. And, you make it to your movie on time!

Book a ride for later from any location. Flight to take tomorrow, a weekend visit to grandma’s or Wednesday noon shopping- plan it all up with a few taps. Point your pickup location by dragging the pin or with a simple search, tap on Ride Later and voila, you’re good to go. You’ll get an instant confirmation of your booking through SMS and your driver and car details, 45 mins prior to your pickup time. Now you can go and plan that entire week ahead on a Sunday, no sweat!

So what have we done here? Given you the power to plan your travel without having to hang on the phone endlessly explaining your history and geography! No hold time, no talk time, no surprises.


3 thoughts on “Ride – Whenever, Wherever

  1. John

    For those new to Ola Cabs, this is a word of caution. Yesterday, I called and reserved a cab for this morning at 8:30 am, which Ola Cabs confirmed via a text message. However, they then called me at 8:26 am to cancel. I had a similar situation 2 weeks ago, where I had a cab reserved in advance, but they were 1.5 hours late to pick me up. I wanted to share my experience as a word of caution for those that have to be somewhere on time as I would not suggest Ola Cabs.


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