Spread love, ride free!

We asked ourselves, how could we make your paying process rewarding and easy? Rewarding, so that you can gain by spreading the love. Easy, so that you don’t have to leave behind those 33 bucks with the driver simply because you didn’t have change! More on the making it easy part later.

Spread love, ride free!

Tap on the Account icon next to Book a ride and head to the Invites section. You can invite friends over email from your contact list on your phone, tweet your referral code to the whole wide world or share it with your friends on Facebook. You can edit your post to tag folks (pinning them down to download!) on your list as well.

So why would your friends download and install the app? They get a credit of INR 50 worth Ola Money when they use your referral code to sign up, which they can use against their first ride.

And why would you refer your friends? You get a credit of INR 50 worth Ola Money into your account when they take their first ride. Now that’s super rewarding right? Flying birds told us that there are many app users out there, who refer enough people to take care of their rides, fully every week. Imagine, never having to pay for your rides. Get that friend of yours to download the app, now.


2 thoughts on “Spread love, ride free!

  1. shakar

    Your A399 scheme is fraud. You cheated me on the other day. I had to pay 800 rupees for airport pickup for tata indica car. very bad. Customer Reference No: 1930772

  2. Ramani

    I had booked this cab oon the internet and paid Rs 176 as well . I reconfirmed the booking at about (930 am and requested the cab at @!#) hrs ( 930pm )as your web site does not have this option . I received an SMS giving details of Driver Ramesh KA506097 with mobile number 9008199586At (15 pm when there was no call from the said Mr Ramesh , I called him and asked him his whereabouts . He very categorically told me that he would not be coming !!!I called the call center and then they assigned me driver Prakash Rao 9886825856 KA04D3161.When I called this person he said he would reach my place only after an hour !!ie after 1030 as he was very far away .You have caused immense hardship for me by making me wait and not get a cab . Your drivers if they are not able to come should at the very least inform me that they cannot make the trip well in advance but they were rude and refused to take the trip .When call OLA Bangalore they just kept insisting that they would send a car as soon as possible and the time was already 10 pm . I had to take my car and drive down myself for the appointment to pick up a person at a point beyond Devanhalli .Please refund the money paid as the cancellation is not my fault but your . I am truly disappointed with the service !!


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