Your all new Ola App v2.0

So the buzz is already out around the new Android and iOS upgrades for your favorite app! We are so excited about its awesomeness and are sure that one post is just not going to be enough to delve into every new feature. So let us quickly brief you on the new features and what it means to you and then dedicate one post each, to a feature. Promise us that you’ll ask questions and make it interactive!

What's your App-etite?

Advanced bookings + Custom pickups

Ride now or Ride later with the app from anywhere. No more call centre cacophony, no hold time and no last minute surprises!

Ola Money- Recharge

Login to your account online to top-up through your debit card, credit card or net banking. Book through the app and your fare is set off against your account balance. Be cashless!

Ola Money- Referrals

Invite your friends to use the app and they get INR 50 worth of Ola Money credit. You get INR 50 when they take their first ride with us. Spread the love; its rewarding!

..and many more!

Some small, yet important additions in the app- a help button from where you can either email us directly for feedback or call us with one touch, a city-wise rate card, a newer look and feel that’s fresh and eye candy and a lot of changes under the hood that makes the app smooth and butter-like!

Now go and download that upgrade for iOS and Android to see for yourself how magical your ride can get!


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