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Spread the word, win an iPhone

Show your loved ones an all new way of comfortable, convenient and affordable travel with Ola.

Invite them to sign up using your unique referral code and get them started on their Ola Journey. In return you stand a chance to win a brand new iPhone.

Follow the steps below and refer your friends: 

Get. Set. Invite!

Terms and conditions

  • Referral reward scheme is valid for select users only
  • For eligibility, users must have 5 or more referrals who have signed up using the referral code and have taken at least 2 Ola rides before 14th June.
  • Users found to be engaging in unfair and fraudulent practices to become eligible for the reward will be disqualified.
  • Offer valid till stocks last, or till June 14th, 2017
  • Referral code is valid on sign up for first time Ola users only
  • Ola reserves the right to modify/withdraw the offer at its own discretion

Your all new Ola App v2.0

So the buzz is already out around the new Android and iOS upgrades for your favorite app! We are so excited about its awesomeness and are sure that one post is just not going to be enough to delve into every new feature. So let us quickly brief you on the new features and what it means to you and then dedicate one post each, to a feature. Promise us that you’ll ask questions and make it interactive!

What's your App-etite?

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